we work with landlords, asset management and Commercial agents to repurpose outdated office buildings to meet modern demands

There are many secondary office stock which is tired and outdated across the country. We have taken on 230,000 sq. ft. of such space, refurbished it and rented it out to SME’s and Start-Ups. And we are just beginning.

Many of these sites may be earmarked for development in 2 - 5+ years. Up until now there was not many options on the table for them other than various rates & holding costs mitigation strategies.

We believe these buildings have a lot more value to give to both landlords and the business community. We can get breath new life into them, and create a flexible managed service that more and more tenants require. We provide security of tenure, guaranteed revenue and full property management. We look after the entire process from start to finish.

In summary, Purpose: will look at any outdated sites struggling to let on the open market, including entire buildings, floors within buildings or lease assignments. We will consider terms of 1 - 10 years. We will invest in the building, manage it and sublet it to tenants on flexible terms. There are no agents or middlemen involved. We do not ask for fit out contributions. There is no catch.

We believe these buildings have a purpose: To deliver better value to both landlords and tenants alike. And our purpose is to make it happen.

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