How does Brexit impact our office move?

As of this evening (Monday 10th December) the country has entered into a new chapter of unparalleled uncertainty, with the entire political system thrown into chaos due to the divisions within government over the future of the country. These are very strange times and its impossible to advise with any great certainty.

If your a start-up, charity or large enterprise one of the worst things you have to deal with is uncertainty. It makes planning almost impossible. If your currently looking to relocate, find your first office space or expand your office in London then things have got very tricky indeed. It is very hard to envisage what is around the corner. It is very hard to imagine that you will want to commit to a long term lease and commit significant funds into fitting out your new space. It is more likely you may want to find a flexible managed office, where you have the option to escape should things take a turn for the worse next year. Perhaps you want to find a place where other like minded businesses and organisations are coming together to find a more simple, but effective workplace, where you can lower your overheads and keep property related costs to a minimum. Where you have a trusted team managing all aspects of the space for you so you can concentrate on shoring up your business and riding out this storm which is brewing and about to make land.

We cannot advise anyone on how Brexit or No-Deal Brexit will impact us. All we can say is it may be worth looking at ALL the options, keeping your costs down and finding an operator that can take away any property related headaches - as you will have enough to worry about - expensive and time consuming office moves should not be one of them.

The Story So Far - A New Affordable Workspace Option

We started out at the tail end of 2016, We came across a 30,000 sq. ft. building next to the The Shard in London Bridge. It was earmarked for development and sitting empty. The Landlord was left with two options, 1. leave it empty and hire a costly security company to protect it or 2. bring in a property guardianship company to allow people to live there.

We proposed a 3rd option: keep it as an office building and rent it out to SME’s, Charities and community groups who could no longer afford to rent workspace in London Bridge. The landlord thought it was a great idea. The commercial agents thought it was madness - they said we would never find any companies to move in. We only had 1 year assured term. We filled it in a few weeks and its been providing a home for over 30 companies for nearly two years now as the complex planning application process drags on. The companies have been able to grow and save a fortune. The landlord has earned rent throughout the term, and everyone is a winner.

We then done the same with a 70,000 sq. ft. building in Clerkenwell and then again with an 80,000 sq. ft. building in Bermondsey. The model worked, the landlords get to earn some rent instead of paying for the other options, they don’t have to worry about all the costly holding costs of sitting on such a building and most importantly the tenants get an affordable workspace option in a central location. They get to find a decent amount of space, on flexible terms for a fair price which allows them to focus on developing their company, idea or craft.

We have recently added sites in Bethnal Green and Kings Cross and will soon be adding another great building in Canary Wharf to our portfolio, bringing our combined space under management to 230,000 sq. ft.

When you choose Purpose: you choose to cut out the gimmicks, you choose to find a decent affordable space in a well managed building in a great location at a fair price. You choose to belong to a supportive community of other like minded SME’s, start-ups, charities and early stage companies who just need a space to get on with their work. You choose a workspace provider that understands what occupiers really want. That is doing things differently and trying everything it can to eliminate waste, cut out unnecessary costs and deliver more value back to tenants and members.

Our Purpose is to support innovation & enterprise by making access to space simple. We are on a journey, like our tenants. Jump on board, dream big and there is no limit to what we can achieve.